Tips For Getting Pregnant

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Tips For Getting Pregnant

Tips For Getting Pregnant
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Tips For Getting Pregnant

This article includes a short quick-fire list of eight of the best tips for getting pregnant based on the most popular concerns searched out on the internet. Some of them may apply to you, while others won't. However, one thing is for certain, if you're looking for tips for getting pregnant you're definitely in the right place!

#1. Tips For Getting Pregnant Fast

Buy a proper guide or use an approved program. Of all the tips for getting pregnant fast, this is by far the easiest and most certain way of getting pregnant. The top guides offer success rates higher than 90% (see out Top 5 list, right). Traditional
infertility treatments such as IVF are pretty much becoming redundant. However, there is stiff opposition coming from the big drug companies.

#2. Tips For Men

Get a sperm sample tested. It costs less than you think, often under a few hundred bucks. Most couples
trying to get pregnant automatically think that it's a problem with the woman, however, it takes two to tango and sluggish sperm is just as serious an issue. Go to your local fertility clinic, or see your local doctor.

#3. Getting Pregnant After 35

The best tip for getting pregnant after 35 is to NOT do IVF! Seriously,
IVF success rates are absolutely abysmal once you get over 35. Your best case scenario is a one in ten chance. Considering the ludicrously high IVF cost these days it's the worst thing you could do. Continued below....

#4. Tips For Getting A Girl

The best tip for getting pregnant with a girl is to adjust your diet to incorporate acidic foods. Boy sperm don't like an acidic environment and won't function as well, so the girl sperm will have a better chance of getting to the egg first.

#5. Tips For Getting A Boy

Boy sperm are not as mobile as girl sperm so to maximise your chances of getting a boy be sure to go for deep penetration when you have sex. This will deliver the payload closer to the destination and give the boys a better chance. Additionally, following on from tip #4, just do the opposite and keep a mostly alkaline diet, its been proven to the answer on
how to get pregnant with a boy.

#6. Tips For Getting Pregnant With PCOS

If you have been diagnosed, or have previously suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome the absolute best thing you can do is follow the
Pregnancy Miracle program. Currently the most successful pregnancy system in the World, Pregnancy Miracle has a 100% success rate, including lots of women who suffer from PCOS.

#7. Tips For Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding

There aren't any tips for getting pregnant while breastfeeding. To put it simply, it's highly unlikely that this will happen because your body produces hormones which actually suppress your reproductive system from fully functioning. Your body does this to ensure that all of your energy is put into producing healthy and nourishing breast milk for your newborn baby. It can happen if you are extremely fertile, however your best bet if you want to get pregnant is to stop the breastfeeding.

#8. Tips For Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Firstly, try not to blame yourself. I know this might seem difficult and will be impossible for most of you, but there's nothing you can do now to change it. The good news is that usually there's no physical barriers to stop you getting pregnant again quickly. Just take the time you need to get your head right and when the time feels right, you can try again and see what happens.